Confinement Tool



The latest versions of the Confinement Tool can be downloaded here.

Old Versions

Version 2.1.02 2017-MAR-03

+ Roll out of "Confinement Project"
+ Calculate Constriction Metric
+ Reconfigured Toolbox Structure to support projects and stand alone calculations

Version 2.1.01 (beta) 2017-JAN-09

Version 0.2.0 2016-02-24

+ New "Converged Margins" Results Method supports much quicker processing of Line method calculation 
+ Retains original method of Confinement calculations
+ Support for Shapefile Outputs (Field Names shortened)

Version 0.1.0 2016-01-18

+ Initial Pull of Confinement and Moving Window Tools from GNAT


The Confinement Toolbox is provided as a zip file containing a .pyt file and supporting script files.

  1. Download the zipfile and unzip the contents to your computer (keep all files together).
  2. Open ArcGIS.
  3. Add the .pyt file to Arctoolbox as you would any other Geoprocessing Toolbox.